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Meet our Designers

JulieJulie Peterson
Julie is the lead designer at Sargent’s with great expertise in all areas of landscaping. Her father, Max Sargent, taught her the ins and outs of good design practices and with her 25 plus years of design experience her talent and creativity is evident in each project completed. Julie loves to garden and quilt when at home. She is a MNLA Certified Landscape Professional. Email:

AnneAnne Matzek
Anne has had a passion for design all along and also grew up in the family business, shadowing her mother, Julie Peterson. Anne enjoys perennials, outdoor living spaces and always adds a unique flair to her designs. She has a good feel for how plants work in your landscape, through her experiences as the garden care crew leader for 10 years. Anne extremely enjoys gardening at home too. She is a multimedia/graphic designer for Sargent’s in the winter and a MNLA Certified Landscape Professional. Email:

SaraSarah Blue
Sarah loves everything horticultural. Her background begins with her family’s apple orchard business. She has a degree in Applied Design and is a Master Gardener and Tree Care Advisor through the University of Minnesota Extension. Sarah has a passion for native plants and prairie restoration. She is a MNLA Certified Landscape Professional. Email:


Meet Our Landscape Installation Professionals

Greg Fjetland
Greg is the landscape installation crew foreman at Sargent’s. He coordinates the install and delivery schedules, supervises the crews and gets hands on doing landscape construction. He’s a family man at heart that enjoys his 20 + year career in the green industry. Greg also estimates projects that involve hardgoods, since he routinely installs and manages the build process of these for Sargent’s clients. Email:

loganLogan Leonard
Logan’s attention to detail is evident in his landscape installations and his polite and friendly demeanor is frequently noted by clientele.

BrandonBrandon Hirman
Brandon is one of Sargent’s dependable and knowledgeable installation crew leaders. His ability to take a design and make it a reality is always certain. He enjoys a challenge and meets it with a level-head and consistent pace. Brandon shows great respect for the client’s property, keeping the construction process the least invasive as it can be. As with all of Sargent’s crews, you’ll find the finished project cleaned up perfectly. Brandon graduated from the University of WI River Falls Horticulture program.



Meet Our Seasonal Garden Care Leader

KatieKatie Casci Katie leads our garden care crews and is also a Certified MNLA Professional and graduate from the University of WI River Falls Horticulture program. She is a gem with an incredible passion for all things gardening. She enjoys the diversified tasks that she performs. Katie meets with clients to assess their properties, creates a care plan and implements the care with her own two hands and the help of her crew. You’ll always find a hustle in her step and a smile on her face. A favorite of Katie’s is to design and create seasonal annual planters. She also enjoys painting, piano and yoga when at home. Email:

What is a MNLA Certified Professional?


The Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota as well as other institutions of higher learning, offers the Certified Professional designation.

MNLA-CPs have studied a broad range of horticultural topics and have then passed a rigorous examination of general industry knowledge, as well as an examination within their specialty field (grower, garden center, or landscape). Continuing education is required to maintain the status. These individuals are committed to the industry and are a great resource to customers for knowledgeable information.

" The employees are all very knowledgeable and friendly. "

Jane Rietmann