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At Sargent’s Nursery, every project begins with a creative design and estimating process proven to build successful landscapes and satisfied clients. Your property is a reflection of you and your family, so our designers ensure your project suites your lifestyle and improve your landscape. We can make your dream a reality that adds value to your home!

Landscaping can solve a great deal of property drainage issues, enhance the appearance of your space or make your yard more usable. Our designers have extensive plant knowledge and take great care to choose the right plants for the right space to ensure success. We can also design and install innovative hardscapes such as patios, walls, edging, and accents.

Contact Us to set up a consultation with one of our landscape designers. We are happy to come to your home or business to discuss the project in detail, including your project scope, budget, timing, and phasing requirements. A design fee will be determined at this time and photos and measurements will be taken of the area.

After establishing the requirements of your project your designer will then develop a truly unique design for your landscape. Our designers are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and strive to complete the design within 2 weeks of the initial consultation. Timing varies depending upon the demand and time of year.

Each step of the way your designer will be your trusted resource to answer your questions and guide you through the project from start to finish. Learn more about our Landscaping Experts.







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Design and Consult Fees

landscape-designerWe do not provide free estimates for landscape projects unless you will be supplying us with a specific plant and material list. At Sargent’s, we do comprehensive proposals based on a scaled landscape design. A design fee will be determined according to the property size, location, and complexity of needs.

If you have Sargent’s install the estimated project this design fee can be applied toward installation on a 10% basis. For example, a $100 design fee can be credit toward a $1,000 installation project. The actual fee for your space will be determined during your initial consultation and is due after the design is complete.


Design Pricing

The following options include a one-hour on-site design consultation, a scaled landscape design, and a proposal if requested.

5,000 Square Foot Lot: $200 – Average residential lot in town, or for country lots that only require foundation plantings

10,000 Square Foot Lot:  $300 – Over-sized residential lot in town, country lot with foundation and perimeter needs, or for spaces with multiple garden areas to address

Master Plan: Starting at $500. If you require a detailed drawing of your entire lot to include all existing walkways, terraces, planting beds, pools, and other amenities.

Commercial Landscape Design Plan: $50.00/hr. (Average: $800 to $1500)

All other estimating costs are to be determined by the designer, starting at $60.00. Time and distance to your property are considered.

3-D Sketches are billed at $135 per hour. Generally, they take two to six hours.


For $75 a landscape designer will provide a one-hour consult at your property. No proposal or scaled drawings are included, but any notes gathered or ideas created are left for you to use. This works well when a homeowner needs advice on small areas or a list of plant ideas.



Working with Your Budget

We understand that large projects often need to be done in phases. We create our designs so that the first phase can flow smoothly into the last, and we’re happy to work with you to break your project into affordable stages over a period of years if desired.


Whether residential landscape design or commercial landscape design,
we’ll work closely with you to create the perfect outdoor setting!