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The benefits of planting trees, shrubs, and evergreens are unsurpassed!

trees-schrubs-1Those who live in green spaces are known to be happier, less stressed, and more healthy. Good landscaping increases community appeal, raises home value dramatically, and provides a wide range of environmental benefits.

Visit Sargent’s to find plants for both sun and shade locations, deer-resistant options, and plants with a variety of growth habits and flowering abilities. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with your choices. Ask our enthusiastic team members to help guide you in the right direction. Our plant experts will help you find the right plant, aid in loading it, and share tips on its future care. Sargent’s is a full-service garden center, where great gardens are grown every day!

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Plant Sizing

Sargent’s offers plants in a variety of pot sizes. This allows for the accommodation of different budgets. If you don’t find the size you need, please inquire. Sargent’s can often obtain a variety of sizes to suit your plant needs.

Find planting and care guides and other plant info here.

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