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Five Fun New Annuals this Season

Our annual grower is always looking to add new plants in our annual mix every spring.  This year we are introducing a bunch of fun new plants for you to add to your beds, containers and baskets this spring.

Superbells ‘Tequila Sunrise’ 

Seems like Prove Winners is always coming out with beautiful new superbells.   Grow in part to full sun and it will bloom like crazy all summer.  Superbells are mounding or trailing plants and work well in baskets or containers as a brilliant spiller.

Courtesy of Prove Winners -

Courtesy of Prove Winners –

Dahlia ‘Grande Tequila’

A sun loving dahlia with large blooms that will attract butterflies. Grow as a thriller in containers or plant in beds.  Grande Tequila will grow upright to 15-18″ tall and 12-18″ tall.  Also makes a great cut flower.

Courtesy of Proven Winners -

Courtesy of Proven Winners –

Polka Dot Plant ‘Hippo Red’

Hippo Red is a speckled beauty that will thrive in sun or shade.  Polka dot plant is also a well known house plant.  Plant in beds or containers as a filler for an upright plant growing 16-22″ tall and 8-14″ wide.

Courtesy of Proven Winners -

Courtesy of Proven Winners –

Phlox ‘Intensia Red Hot’

This sun love new phlox grows 10-16″ tall and will add a burst of bright color to any garden.  Great in containers or beds.

Courtesy of Proven Winners -

Courtesy of Proven Winners –

Begonia ‘Canary Wings’

If you love the Dragon Wing Begonias then the new ‘Canary Wings’ will thrill you with the brightly colored leaves and red blooms all summer long.  Use in baskets and containers growing 12 – 18″ tall and about as wide in any shade to partial shade location.

Coutesy of Ball Seed

Coutesy of Ball Seed



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