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Five Fantastic Annuals for Shade

  • May 8, 2019
  • by Tori Clark
  • annual, Flowers, shade,
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If you have shade it can be a challenge to find plants that offer the burst of color and blooms you are hoping for.  Here are five fabulous annuals that will brighten up your less than sunny pots and beds!


If you have planted begonias, especially the newer Dragon Wing or Big Leaf  begonias, you know why these are on the list.  These plants are low maintenance, flower like crazy, have beautiful green, glossy leaves and tolerate sunny or shady spots with ease.  This is a must have in any annual container or garden bed.  Fabulous in baskets too!


Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Sweet Potato Vine

Whether you prefer the bright chartreuse leaves or the deep purple you can make use of this fantastic trailing plant in containers and baskets.  It does well in the heat and prefers a part sun location rather than full shade.  Dappled light throughout the day works well too!

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners


Now this little guy is just cute.  Also known as the wishbone flower, torenia is a super low maintenance, drought tolerant annual that loves the shade!


Photo courtesy of Proven Winners


Where to start with coleus?  There are so many colors and textures to choose from you will surely find something to fit your fancy for part sun to shadier spots.  Great in containers as the focal point or combine several in one pot for a stunning show.  Trailing coleus are great in beds at the border or try in a hanging basket or container for that spilling effect.


Photo courtesy of Proven Winners


With its delicate flower and fine foliage lobelia will flow over the edges of containers or baskets. It doesn’t always like the heat of the summer sun so a shadier spot is just right for this plant.  Now you just need to choose which shade of blue you like best!

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners


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