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August Lawn Care – Seeding and Crabgrass

  • August 7, 2019
  • by Tori Clark
  • Lawn Care, seeding, weeds,
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Believe it or not, mid-August through mid-September is the ideal time for lawn seeding in the Midwest. If you are looking to start a new lawn or reseed a few sections now is the time to do it for the best results. The heat of summer is mostly behind us and cooler temperatures plus less competition from weed seeds gives new grass the best chance of getting established.  With lots of growing season left there is more than enough time for the new grass to toughen up before colder weather heads our way.


August is also prime time for crabgrass.  Many people seem to be having trouble with crabgrass in the lawn this summer.  I think our goofy spring threw many of us off schedule, including me!  The crabgrass seeds got the jump on us before we could get crabgrass preventer on the lawn.


Although there are sprays that can help control crabgrass, they tend to work better on younger plants.  Now most crabgrass is developing seeds so the best solution is to mow often and lower the mower deck a bit.  Regular mowing keeps seeding in check by cutting off the seeds before they are fully developed.  A single crabgrass plant can produce over 100,000 seeds so you don’t want them hanging around.  Plants can also be removed by hand – a great option for smaller yards.   Once we get a heavy frost crabgrass will quickly die.


An application of fertilizer or winterizer this fall will help strengthen your lawn and make it better able to fight off weeds next spring.  A healthy lawn is the best way to control weeds any time of year. Have questions about your lawn or weeds?  Sargent’s knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the products and solutions.


Alex Burress
Hi, Thanks for the helping me. I never knew it that mid-August through mid-September is the ideal time for lawn seeding in the Midwest. I hope it will be helpful for me to seeding my lawn at the right time. If you had more insight, I would much appreciate it.
Braden Bills
I've been having some problems with crabgrass in my lawn. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to get a professional to handle preventing it. They would have access to sprays and other tools needed to keep it from spreading!
Stamped Concrete Dude
100,000 seeds from a single crab grass plant?! No wonder we see it all over Ohio. Yikes! It's a fun fact that isn't so fun but we will be sure to pass along the valuable information.

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