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Community Outreach

Sargent’s has been been a proud member of this community for over 85 years! We enjoy giving to and working on community projects that beautify and benefit Red Wing.

• Donated plant materials, design, and labor to community garden projects which incorporated a new sign at Red Wing Athletic Field Ballpark.

• Provided plant materials to local/community garden clubs for city beautification projects.

• Provide space and donate all food for weekend Hot Dog stands in May that benefit local charitable/ non-profit organizations.

• Continue to work with local “Red Wing in Bloom” task force to continue city beautification projects.

• Provide meeting space for several local non-profit organizations.

• Promote local shopping with our annual “Girlfriend’s Day Out” event involving over 25 local/regional businesses, along with hosting an annual Winter Art Fair and Quilt Show.

• Donate to many local fundraiser’s and benefits throughout the community.

• Give tours to many school groups from the community









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-Clarice Trembath