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Sargent’s Nursery Limited Plant Guarantee

Potted trees, shrubs, and evergreens are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, provided the plants were planted and cared for according to growing instructions. Replacement plants can only be requested one-time.

Plants not included in this guarantee are roses, any non-zone 4 hardy plants, and seasonal flowers—annuals, perennials, and tropical.

Balled & burlapped trees are guaranteed only if planted by Sargent’s Nursery.

Plants covered by this limited guarantee that die within the guarantee period will be replaced on a one-time basis and have a replacement value no greater than the original price paid for the plant.

Plants purchased on sale are guaranteed to the sale price only.

Proof of purchase is required showing the date of the original purchase.

Labor is NOT included for planting replacement plants.

This guarantee does not cover death caused by vandalism or acts of nature such as animal damage, high winds, drought, flood, ice, and snow.

MYKE 5-Year Warranty

myke-5-year-warranty-150x150pxWhen you buy MYKE Mycorrhize powder with your warrantied plant purchase at Sargent’s, and use it at the time of planting according to package specifications, you will extend your warranty five years beyond the original purchase date. See Terms and Conditions.

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