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Those who live in Red Wing, the surrounding area, or who have traveled through our city have seen the beautiful, flowering baskets hanging from the light poles. From 1990, the very first year they were hung, we had hundreds of inquiries as to “where can I get one of those?” Sargent’s Nursery does participate in the growing of these famous Red Wing city baskets and also offers a version of them to our customers. Baskets available to the customer use the same plants as are in the city baskets, but are put in a 14″ basket, instead of a 16″. This way, they are not too heavy to hang on the brackets available to the general public. We produce over 500 flowering baskets for our customers yearly. To purchase a Sargent’s Nursery moss basket, stop by in early May to assure you get one. They do sell quickly.

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Plant your own Red Wing Moss Basket!

We’ve got all the supplies (wire basket, moss liner, soil, fertilizer, and of course beautiful plants) you need to create your very own City of Red Wing replica basket.

Each spring we have multiple moss basket planting classes, but they fill up fast! To reserve space for a group, please call in March for reservations. Locate the exact dates on our event calendar.

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To sponsor a basket for the City of Red Wing. Donate to Noontime Kiwanis.

Make Checks payable to Red Wing Kiwanis Foundation – Flower Basket Trust.

Mail checks to:
P.O. Box 271,
Red Wing, MN 55066.
Learn More about Noontime Kiwanis Red Wing.


iStock_000020989947_FullBasket Care

Since there are so many plants in your basket, water and fertilizer will be used up quickly. In the heat of the summer your basket will need watering every day, maybe twice a day. Fertilize with every watering, but we recommend diluting fertilizer to ¼ strength and suggest alternating fertilizer applications with Miracle Gro and Miracid throughout the season.

Thoroughly drench the basket each time you water, soak it so that water pours out the bottom.


DO NOT count on the rain to water your basket. With the right location and the right watering habits you should produce a beautiful flowering moss basket. GOOD LUCK!!