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Bareroot Benefits

  • March 10, 2018
  • by Tori Clark
  • bare root, Shrubs, strawberries, Trees,
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Many people are not familiar with bareroot trees and shrubs, but they are a great way to add to your landscape for many reasons. Bareroot trees, shrubs and plants are dug and stored without any soil around their roots.


Bareroot plants are easy to get home and plant without all the soil to haul around.  Tree and shrubs are dormant so there are also no leaves to worry about either.  Bareroot pants often will have more roots than container plants since the roots aren’t trimmed to fit in a pot giving your plant a better support system for it to thrive.

The best part is you can save 20% or more over buying a containerized plant later in the season. Since there is not cost added for soil, containers and labor you can avoid paying for these services. 

Bareroot trees and shrubs also have the same great Sargent’s Plant Guarantee as all of our other trees and shrubs.  You can plant knowing your tree and shrub investment is protected and Sargent’s is there to make your planting successful.


Bareroot trees should be planted as soon as possible after taking them home or care must be taken to be sure the roots do not dry out.  Bareroot trees are only available in the spring and only select varieties of trees and shrubs may be available.  Sargent’s Nursery’s bareroot tree and shrub sale is going on now through March 17.  Check out all your options and order your plants today.


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