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90th Anniversary Legacy Project Complete!

Last year Sargent’s Nursery celebrated our 90th year in the Red Wing community.  Part of our year long celebration was the Legacy Garden Planting for the city of Red Wing.  Discussions and design work began with the city early in the year with the Red Wing Marina selected as the location for the project.  Last October phase one of the project was completed with the installation of pavers and oak trees.

Once spring finally arrived it was time to complete the plantings and other finishing details! Our work on the project in honor of our 90th anniversary was a gift to the city on behalf of Sargent’s Nursery.


Special thanks goes out to our designers Sarah Blue and Julie Peterson for designing this beautiful garden. We had a great team of people to install the plantings.


It was such a joy to give back to the city and add a beautiful garden for the birds and butterflies to enjoy along with the residents of Red Wing.



Lucinda Beise
We drive by the garden near Baypoint, it is beautiful! Thank you for your gift to the city!

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