Flower Possibilities

Live Flowering Plants We can grow most any flower combination of your choice. Choose from our long list of flowering annuals, such as, colorful impatiens, foliage attractive coleus, or trailing varieties.

Flowers can be a great choice for centerpieces, hanging baskets, topiaries, potted arrangements, and of course, to fill the flower beds at an outdoor wedding.

Unique Silk Flower Arrangements
Our garden center displays limitless possibilities in this area. A designer can create a custom arrangement of silk flowers that match your season or event theme.

A few examples of our creations would include centerpieces, mantel displays, wreaths, pew decorations, or bouquets. There are many decorative ribbons and pottery to accompany these silk arrangements.

Trees and Shrubs The natural green of a landscape backdrop is beautiful! Create a temporary indoor or outdoor garden with an arrangement of trees and shrubs. Rental options are available for these items.

Decoration Accessories

Decorative Pots After you choose your flower arrangements you may need a decorative pot. A simple clay pot with a decorative ribbon or a colored glazed pot may be your choice. There are many styles to choose from.

Foil and Bow Foiling and bowing is a great option if you'd like to cover the black pot of a tree, shrub, or potted annual. There are many colors to choose from that will dress up any basic pot.

Arbors and Benches An arbor creates the perfect setting to decorate an entrance or to share your vows together. Sargent's has various styles to choose from. Benches may also be a nice prop for photos and create an added elegance to your garden.

Fountains and Bird Baths These two items can give your wedding ceremony or event an added ambiance.

Plant Stands and Accent Fencing To create the perfect setting you may need some display pieces. Hang your flower baskets on decorative hangers or place on plant stands for added height and level variation. Ornate wrought iron accent fencing can be decorated with trailing silk flowers and used as a backdrop.

We're creative and flexible. Let us know what your vision is and we'll help make it happen!

Contact: Anne, Trisha, or Kim at Sargent's