Annual Flowers

This list is not gauranteed to be up to date. Some varieties may no longer be available. Please call to inquire: 651-388-3847

Agastache, Acapolco Red 1 gal. red sun
Agave, Little Shark PW Qt.    
Ageratum, Artist Blue Jumbo blue sun/part shade
Aloe, Red PW Qt.    
Alteranthera, Mai Tai 4.5" pot   shade
Angelonia, Actors Pink PW Qt. pink sun
Angelonia, Angel Face Blue PW Qt. blue sun
Angelonia, Wedgewood Blue PW Qt. blue sun
Argyranthemum, Butterfly 1 gal. yellow sun
Asperagus Fern 4.5" pot green sun/part shade
Bacopa, Abunda Giant White 4.5" pot white sun/part sun
Bacopa, Scopia Gulliver Blue 4.5" pot blue sun/part shade
Begonia, Dragon Wing 4.5" pot pink/red shade/part shade
Begonia, Non-Stop 4.5" pot red / orange / yellow shade/part shade
Begonia, Reiger Proven Winner - 1 Qt.   shade/part shade
Bidens, Namid Compact Yellow 4.5" pot yellow sun
Bracteantha, Mohave Fire 4.5" pot orange / red sun/part shade
Calibrachoa, Super Bells 4.5" pot & PW many colors sun/part shade
Candle Vine 4.5" pot green/silver foliage sun/shade
Chyrsanthemums 4" pot   sun/part sun
Coleus, (several varieties) 4.5" pot white sun/shade
Coleus, Alligator Tears PW Qt. green / white part sun/shade
Coleus, Aurora Raspberry 4.5" pot raspberry part shade
Coleus, Big Red Judy PW Qt. red  
Coleus, Henna 4.5" pot chartreuse shade
Coleus, Kingswood Torch PW Qt.   part shade
Coleus, Kong Rose 4.5" pot rose shade
Coleus, Kong Salmon Pink 4.5" pot salmon / pink shade
Coleus, Merlins Magic PW Qt.   part shade
Coleus, Sedona PW Qt. orange part sun/shade
Coleus, Sunset Strip Proven Winner - 1 Qt. orange sun
Confetti Gardens (several colors) 6" pot   sun
Dahlia, Amazon Terra Cotta 4.5" pot orange sun
Dahlia, Dahlina Grande Colima 1 gal. lavender / white sun
Dahlia, Dahlina Grande Tampico 1 gal. rose / white sun
Dahlia, Midi Dalina  1 gal.    sun
Diascia, Flirtation Orange Proven Winner - 1 Qt. orange sun
Diplademia, Rio Deep Red 4.5" pot red sun
Echeveria, Electric Glo Proven Winner - 1 Qt    
Euphorbia, Breathless Blush 4.5" pot pink sun/part shade
Euphorbia, Diamond Frost Proven Winner - 1 Qt white sun/part shade
Fuchsia, Autumnale 4.5" pot  copper / orange shade/part shade
Gazania, Big Kiss White Flame 4.5" pot white/red sun
Geranium, Cutting 4.5" pot   sun/part sun
Geranium, Cutting 1 Gallon    
Geranium, Ivy 4.5" pot   sun/part sun
Geranium, Red Pillar 12" pot red sun/part sun
Geranium, Regal 1 gal. several colors sun/part sun
Geranium, Seed 4" pot several colors sun/part sun
Gerbera, Royal 4.5" pot orange, red, rose, yellow sun/part sun
Grass, Juncus Twisted Dart 4.5" pot foliage sun
Grass, Pennisetum Rubrum 1 gal. purple sun
Guara, Stratosphere 1 gal.  dark pink sun/part sun
Impatiens, New Guinea - Infinity Jumbo several colors shade/part shade
Impatiens, Silhouette Double Jumbo several colors part sun/shade
Impatiens, Sunpatien Magenta 4.5" pot magenta sun/shade
Impatiens, Super Elfin Mix 4.5" pot   part sun/shade
Ipomoea, (several varieties) Proven Winner - 1 Qt. bronze / red / yellow sun/part sun
Iresine, Blazin Rose 1 gal. rose sun/part sun
Kalanchoe, Gremlin PW Qt.    
Kalanchoe, Thrysiflora PW Qt.    
Kale, Nagoya Red 4.5" pot   sun/part sun
Lantana, (several varieties) 4.5" pot / 1 gal.   sun
Lavrentia, Beth's Blue 1 Qt. periwinkle blue sun/part shade
Leucanthemum, Daisy May Proven Winner - 1 Qt. white sun
Lillies, Dutch Hybrid Jumbo Sr.   sun/part sun
Lobelia, Laguna Sky Blue Proven Winner - 1 Qt. light blue sun/part shade
Lobularia, Snow Princess PW Qt. white sun
Millet, Ornamental Purple Baron 1 gal.  purple leaves sun
Morning Glory Jumbo pink / blue sun/part shade
Nemesia, (several varieties) 1 Qt. many colors sun/part sun
Nierembergia, August Blue Skies PW Qt. blue sun
Osteospermum, (serveral varieties) 4.5" pot / Jumbo   sun
Oxalis, Charmed Wine Proven Winner - 1 Qt. white flower/red-purple foliage sun/part sun
Pansies, Delta Formula Mix 12" bowl   sun/part shade
Pansies, Delta Premium Blotch Mix 4.5" pot   sun/part shade
Penstemon, Rubrum 1 gal. reddish grass sun
Penta, Grafitti Red Lace 4.5" pot red sun
Perilla, Magilla Jumbo purple sun/shade
Petunia, Black Velvet 6"    
Petunia, Blanket Purple 4.5" pot purple sun
Petunia, Blanket White 4.5" pot white sun
Petunia, Easy Wave 4.5" pot many colors sun
Petunia, Phantom 6"    
Petunia, Pinstripe 6"    
Petunia, Potunia Cappucino 6" cream / brown vein sun
Petunia, Purple Wave 4.5" pot purple sun
Petunia, Ruffle Plum Vein Double Jumbo plum sun
Petunia, SunSpun Red 6" pot    
Petunia, Surprise Orange Twist 6" pot orange sun
Petunia, Surprise Pink Lemonade 6" pot pink sun
Petunia, Tiny Tunia Cabaret 4.5" pot purple sun
Phlox, Intensia Blueberry PW Qt. blue sun
Portulaca, Rio Scarlet 4.5" pot red sun
Salvia, Mystic Spires 4.5" pot blue sun/part sun
Salvia, Hot Lips Jumbo rose sun/part sun
Scaevola, Blue Print 4.5" pot dark blue sun
Scaevola, Whirlwind White PW Qt. white sun
Spikes 4.5" pot green leaves sun/shade
Spring Annuals - Miscellaneous 4.5" pot    
Strobilanthus, Persian Shield Jumbo violet sun/part sun
Succulent Gardens 12" bowls   sun/part sun
Succulent - Miscellaneous 4.5" pot   sun
Supertunia 4.5" pot / PW several colors sun
Supertunia, Double Dark Blue Proven Winner - 1 Qt. dark blue sun
Supertunia, Double Priscilla Proven Winner - 1 Qt. lavender / white sun
Sutera, Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Proven Winner - 1 Qt. white sun
Thunbergia, Yellow and Orange 1 gal. yellow / orange sun/part sun
Tomato, Heirloom 4.5" pot many varieties sun
Tomato, Patio Prize 1.5 Gallon orange / red fruit sun
Topiaries, 2 bowl      
Topiaries, Ruibals 20" Thermalite Pot    
Torenia, (several varieties) Proven Winner - 1 Qt. blue sun/part sun
Verbena, Empress 5" pot  several colors sun
Vinca Vine 4.5" pot green varigated sun/shade
Calibrachoa, (several varieties) PW Qt.   sun/part sun
Coleus, Kingswood Torch PW Qt.   part shade/shade
Euphorbia, Diamond Frost Jumbo white sun
Gazania, Big Kiss Yellow Flame Jumbo yellow / red sun
Gerbera, Autumn Colors Jumbo   sun
Heliotrope, Nagano PW Qt. Purple sun/part sun
Ipomoea, Marguarite PW Qt. lime yellow sun/part sun
Leucanthemum, Daisy May Jumbo white sun
Ornamental Kale Jumbo    
Oxalis, Charmed Wine PW Qt. purple shade
Petunia, Sunspun Lavender Star 6" lavender star sun
Petunia, Sunspun White 6" white sun
Petunia, Sunspun Yellow 6" yellow sun
Rudbeckia, Tiger Eye Gold Jumbo yellow / bronze sun
Supertunias, (several varieties) PW Qt.   sun
Torenia, Midnight Blue PW Qt. blue part shade/shade
Verbena, Aztec Blue Velvet 6" blue sun
Verbena, Aztec White 6" white sun

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