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Sargent's has a desire to achieve sustainability and conserve energy, waste, and water.  We are already making great efforts and strive to do more so that we can make a bigger impact in the years to come. Here are a few examples of our efforts.

  • Use high-efficiency infrared radiant heaters in our new retail greenhouses (save 30-40% energy over standard gas forced air heaters)

  • Installed open-air greenhouses in 2001 which vent/cool by opening roofs and allowing 100% natural ventilation, saving energy.

  • Use ebb-flood water recycling benches in all our new greenhouses and in 25% of our production houses.  (recycle/reuse 100% of our water on these tables conserving water, fertilizer, and labor as well as allowing 100% of fertilizer to be used by plants and not putting a single drop of water or fertilizer down the drain or into our water table)

  • Participate with the MNLA plastic pot recycling program to recycle plastic nursery pots, flats, cell packs, and hanging baskets (products get ground up and reused as landscape edging and infused into road base to name a couple)

  • Use recyclable cardboard trays for customers to carry out their plants.  They are not FREE and is a big expense to the company but they can be used over and over and when done can be recycled.  We are not using plastic or petroleum driven products and are minimizing our waste impacts.