Garden Care


Sargent's has a garden care and trimming crew that can keep your gardens looking their best all summer! Services can be scheduled individually or all in combination on a bi-monthly or weekly basis.
Services include:

Annual Garden Planting
Shrub Trimming
Minor Tree Pruning
Weeding and Deadheading
Annual and Perennial Planting

Transplanting of Perennials
Fertilizing of your plants
Garden Rescue "Turning Jungles into Sanctuaries"
Spring Garden Clean Up - Uncovering
Fall Garden Clean Up - Covering

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Our trimming methods involve mostly hand pruning and shearing. This is the horticultural sound version of trimming. Rarely are gas powered shearing machines used because the result is an unhealthy shrub. We prune out dead or diseased branches, thin out old woody stalks to create more light openings for the younger/heather stalks, and shear off an adequate amount of foliage to create the desired shape.

Trimming is completed in accordance to the month. In the early months of Spring we cut down appropriate shrubs that will quickly rejuvenate for the summer. After the lilacs are done blooming we prune the old blossoms off to allow for next years buds to begin growth. In mid summer the spireas are trimmed after the blossoms are spent. Evergreens are pruned mid summer in a way appropriate to the variety. As you can see there are many factors involving the correct timing of trimming. We will recommend the best times for us to do your trimming according to your plant specimens.

It's usually the best scenario to have us maintain your gardens on a bi-monthly basis to consistently stay ahead of the weeds. As the summer progresses it will take less and less time to maintain your gardens because of the proper care they've received early on.

We are, of course, willing to tackle a garden with more extreme weeds also. If you just need one day of help with your weeding, we're happy to help! Sometimes a person just needs a little help to catch up. Be assured that your garden will be transformed by the time we're done with it.

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Planting Preparations Annuals in July -Potato Vine, Wave Petunias, and Marigolds-